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Since March 15th you can apply for tickets for the London Olympic Games. This means that people are already going to start searching for cheap hotels. Not all websites will let you book so far in advance. However if you search carefully or book with the hotels directly you might get yourself a really cheap room rate.


There is no guarantee of receiving Olympic Games tickets just because you have applied. Although if you have sent off your application, I would urge you to start thinking about accommodation. People without Olympic Games tickets will travel to London just to soak up the atmosphere and they will need cheap hotels too.


The Olympic Games takes place in 33 venues in total. The main venues are situated within central London but other venues are located as far away as Windsor, Essex and Weymouth. Thankfully the 17,000 athletes heading for the London event, will not be looking for cheap hotels. They will be staying in the purpose built athletes village. After the games the athletes village will be transformed into 2800 new homes for east London.


The Olympic Stadium will be the centre of the Summer 2012 Olympics. The stadium will have a capacity of approximately 80,000 people. This will make it the third largest stadium in Britain behind Wembley Stadium and Twickenham. After the Olympic games Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham United are interested in using the venue for their own stadium. A decision still has to be made.


So where is the best hotel to stay during the Olympic Games? If you are looking for a cheap hotel which is located near to the Olympic Stadium, you need to be looking for hotels which are located in the east of London. Holiday Inn is the official hotel service providers to London 2012 Olympics. The Holiday Inn Stratford is an ideal choice. The hotel is situated a mere fifteen minute walk from the official stadium. The hotel is well served by public transport. An underground station is situated less than 2 miles away. The accommodation provides excellent value for money and is ideal if you are travelling with a family.


If you still want a cheap rate but are looking for something a little more hostel in london upmarket then consider hotels in the Docklands area. Choose from many well known hotels chains such as Marriott, Radisson, Hilton and Crowne Plaza.

The Importance of Life Insurance and Its Quoting Source
Some people might seek an opportunity that is given by life insurance. What is the opportunity we are talking here? Well, some of you could have been realized that life insurance is a term of risk management that is able to help your family and kids get a better future. Life insurance is proving to be a great option to consider because it gives insured person a protection within circumstances on which many unlucky eventualities are possible to happen. That is why more and more people are now choosing to purchase any instant life insurance offered by a specified agent/company.
So what is the characteristic of instant life insurance? Well, many examples tend to show a realm where an insured person can get a sum of beneficiary money at the moment when he died. Such a fact surely shows us a great benefit promised by most life insurances. In the past, it was hard to get a quality life insurance quotes, but now everything starts to change. People now can get such quotes easily by way utilizing online source specializes in providing life insurance quotes.
When you try harder to get instant information on instant life insurance, there will be many online sources for quoting that are ready to help you find a bunch of information related to a specified life insurance company and its plans as well as its service.