July 18, 2020

Towing on a winter

By guideontowtruck
Towing on a winter

Towing on a winter

So, you are preparing for a winter towing

You’ve got a nice Christmas songs playlist to keep you entertained once you are on the wheel

And a thermos full of hot coffee to keep you warm every now and then

Driving on a winter can be scenic and lovely until all of a sudden, they become startling. With so many things to take care of; heavy snows, winds in every corner of the road, and ice you need to prepare for such dangerous scenarios. Below are some of the tips to help you tow during the winter

Regular tow truck maintenance

To avoid a breakdown on a road full of snow and ice, it is therefore important to ensure that your truck is up to date with the regular servicing. It also guarantees a safe driving.

Remember to have snow tires and chains

During an inclement weather, snow tires and chains can do you good. They are very important during braking and prevent the trailer from swaying.

Check the battery

Most old batteries tend to die incase of a cold weather. You should check your battery and replace it if it is a few years old. You don’t want an encounter where you are towing and the truck fails to start again due to a faulty battery.

Clear the snow on your truck

Grab a broom and a stepson and clear the snow off your truck. Snow can be a menace during driving and can cause a major problem especially if they drop to the braking pads. Clearing snow on your truck protects other drivers too. You don’t want to drive and at the same time shedding snow along the road and risking other drivers’ lives.

Stopping points

Don’t just depend too much on a GPS! You need to have some stop points along your route to pull over in case of a severe bad weather.

An emergency kits

Ideally, you always need to carry an emergency kit while towing. On winter towing, make sure that the emergency kit has got some few pairs of gloves to keep you warm and equid first aid contents. Also, don’t forget to carry traction mats in case you get stuck in snow. Study about four towing laws that you need to know in California and be safe while you are driving in the State of California.